Energy Monkey are using Victron Energy’s MultiPlus-II to help their clients build energy storage systems

Energy Monkey – energy system specialists are using Victron Energy’s MultiPlus-II battery inverter-charger, to help clients build their energy storage system, boosting the market for this robust unit that works both on and off-grid.

The MultiPlus-II 48/3000/35-32 230V boasts a new-look stylish enclosure, redesigned internal electronics and purpose-built compliance with national standards for grid-ready operation, including VDE-AR-N 4105 for Germany, NRS 097-2-1 for South Africa and the AS 4777 Australian Standard. Victron announces that further grid standards approvals are on the way.

The MultiPlus-II is a 48-volt inverter-charger that readily connects with a wide range of energy storage systems, from lead-acid and lithium-based batteries to zinc-bromine flow batteries. The unit is easier to install than earlier models with AC connections accessible via a single plate on its base and is also simple to retrofit to an existing grid-tied photovoltaic (PV) system, without modification. The 18kg MultiPlus-II draws just 11 watts of standby power, less than half that used by the model it supersedes. As with all Victron inverter-chargers, the MultiPlus-II is a transformer-based system. This gives it the capability to support ‘surge’ energy demands well above its continuous energy rating, including the start-up load of high-demand devices such as air conditioners and freezers. The MultiPlus-II has optional Internet-enabled remote monitoring, both through the secure Victron portal or via authenticated third-party applications. This remote monitoring enables the 24/7 performance logging of the entire energy system deployment.

Victron Energy BV is a 43-year-old company based in the Netherlands that has established a global reputation as a manufacturer of robust and reliable components for autonomous power generation and solar systems and Energy Monkey are excited to be distributing their products. With its MultiPlus, Quattro and now the new MultiPlus-II inverter-chargers, Energy Monkey continually innovates to deliver value into the energy storage sector.

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