New eLearning package makes quality energy training affordable for all staff

A new eLearning programme has been launched that will make it possible for even the largest organisations to involve every employee in their energy saving journey.

Most energy conscious organisations realise that training staff in energy awareness would be beneficial to the business but often cost is seen as an unbreakable barrier. Be Energy is a new affordable, high quality, user-friendly, eLearning programme that will help employees to understand what energy is, how the use of energy impacts on our environment and how they can contribute to using less energy to save costs and to create healthier businesses and a healthier planet.

Through a series of thought provoking and enlightening videos and interactive elements, participants will see how they depend on energy every day at home and at work and how they can start to use less energy through making small changes to how they think and act and through using low-energy technology. There are interactive graphics, questions and multiple-choice quizzes after each module to engage the participant in the programme and to ensure they take away the key messages. Delegates are able to download a certificate to show they have successfully completed the programme.

The one-hour programme can be branded and tailored to an organisation’s own requirements, has engaging multi-media content and is suitable for all employees, no previous knowledge or experience is required.

JRP Solutions’ Managing Director, Jes Rutter, says. “We have designed Be Energy to achieve maximum impact with minimal disruption to business at a very affordable cost so that even in very large organisations, every employee can be engaged in the energy saving journey.”
Costs vary depending on user numbers and whether bespoke elements are required, but can be as little as 90p per delegate, making it a very affordable step towards engaging all staff to safe energy.

For delegates or organisations that want to continue their energy learning journey, JRP have a range of practical classroom and workplace training programmes to suit a wide range of requirements.

JRP Solutions are energy consultants who specialise in delivering energy efficiencies across the whole asset base in commercial and industrial environments.