SolarUp, the new app that puts Solar on Rooftops is now available for iOS

The SolarUp app helps build rapport and win more bids!! Save time and energy while speeding up your sales cycle and giving your clients more roof and sizing options.

SolarUp, is an intuitive new solar app designed to streamline solar project development for both solar professionals and consumer is now available for iOS on Apple’s App Store. Its user friendly interface allows easy access to a precision design, layout, and sizing tool with no to little training.

The app allows both solar professionals and consumers to visualize PV solar arrays with an advanced auto CAD feature that also accounts for possible fire codes and obstructions. It also develops accurate energy modeling with sizing options with desired energy offsetting. Users can create, edit, and share their solar designs with their team, coworkers, friends, and family anywhere from their tablet or phone.

SolarUp eliminates the need for the initial engineering team as well as the initial salesperson for consumers. Solar professionals and consumers can easily determine what size system their property needs and what size their available roof space can accommodate in minutes from a phone or tablet.

SolarUp will also include a “freemium” version that allows 3 free designs. Consumers can request an optional and free solar proposal when ready within the app. With SolarUp, users can start and finish a solar project all, on their mobile device.

With the growing movement toward green energy sources, and solar power in particular, this technology fills a much needed void in the industry that will make the transition to buy and sell solar power a faster, more smooth, and painfree one. Video Preview 

SolarUp is now available worldwide and for free on the App Store and iOS devices. Coming soon to Google Play and android devices.

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